Theravada Buddhism in Laos

Hans Georg Berger

Soft Cover, 78 pp. Limited, First Edition, June 2012 - ISBN: 978-9-0798980-5-3

RRP: US$55.00 - English

Published by Salto Ulbeek, Belgium. Distributed by Anantha Books

A selection of Hans Georg Berger's photographs of Buddhist life in Luang Prabang is combined with a facsimile of a rare manuscript of the Monks' Rules of Conduct, hand-written by Pha Khamchan Virachitta Maha Thera in the rare Lao Tham Pali script. A contemporary English translation is included.

L'indochine à la Belle Epoque, rêve d'aventure 1870-1914

Texts by Francis Engelmann

Hard cover, 136 pp, First edition 2001

RRP US$ 50.00 - French

Published by ASA Editions, Paris. Distributed by Anantha Books

Historic postcards and images evoking Indochina's and Luang Prabang's past.